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Mythic Mojo and the Myth Matters podcast (formerly Myth in the Mojave) are the creation of Catherine Svehla, PhD. I'm a storyteller, scholar, artist, educator, activist, lover of the mystery and the muse. I believe that imagination is the essential human capacity, and that we need to be conscious of our myths and our myth-making to truly know ourselves, create, thrive, transform, and survive.

I explore myth and old stories to look for answers to these questions: How can the old myths connect us to a larger sphere of being and being today? How can they help us find our way back into the world, into history, into conversation with the Other? How can consciousness of mythology and myth-making reinvigorate our collective imagination and liberate us from the lonely world of dead things and soulless commodities that we’ve created?

How can we live more creatively and keep the mystery in life alive?

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Dr. Catherine Svehla
Joshua Tree, California
Storyteller, scholar, artist, & desert activist with a PhD in mythology & depth psychology.

Myths & stories contain the wisdom of the human race. I want to know how we can keep the mystery in life alive? How can myths connect us to a larger sphere of being & meaning?

Many of these tracks are Myth in the Mojave programs that first aired online on Radio Free Joshua Tree.

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