Matter and Psyche: Interviews with Presenters at the 2014 Synchronicity Symposium

by Dr. Catherine Svehla

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“We live in a world “which in some respects is mysterious; things can be experienced which remain inexplicable; not everything which happens can be anticipated. The unexpected and the incredible belong in this world. Only then is life whole. For me the world has from the beginning been infinite and ungraspable.” – C. G. Jung

C.G. Jung gave us the concept of synchronicity, that is, “meaningful coincidence.” It was a subject that fascinated him for years. Synchronicity opens the door to exciting theories about the interrelationship of psyche and matter, and the understanding that seemingly random events may be meaningful. When physicists discovered that there are events that occur without cause and beyond the realm of statistical probability, Jung worked with Wolfgang Pauli to further develop this concept.

Many of us have experienced synchronicity in our own lives, but our collective understanding of this phenomenon is limited to say the least. How does synchronicity, a.k.a meaningful coincidence, show up in your life? You experience it, but how do you understand this phenomenon? What have we learned from science and psychology thus far? And what are the larger implications for our world and the future?

These are just a few of the questions that were explored at the Synchronicity: Matter and Psyche Symposium that took place September 12-14th at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center.

Some of the scientists, depth psychologists, thinkers and practitioners who shared their work at the symposium were interviewed on Myth in the Mojave in the months leading up to the event and I’m pleased to give you a window into their work and this unique gathering.


released October 29, 2014

This program was recorded by Dr. Catherine Svehla for Myth in the Mojave. Thanks to Radio Free Joshua Tree for providing us with a home on internet radio (especially you, Steve A).



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Dr. Catherine Svehla Joshua Tree, California

Storyteller, scholar, artist, & desert activist with a PhD in mythology & depth psychology.

Myths & stories contain the wisdom of the human race. I want to know how we can keep the mystery in life alive? How can myths connect us to a larger sphere of being & meaning?

Many of these tracks are Myth in the Mojave programs that first aired online on Radio Free Joshua Tree.

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